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What would Gen Z Bridget do?

I made a realisation the other night, that my life bears an uncanny resemblance to Bridget Jones. I find myself on the wrong side of midnight with a half open bottle of Rosé, a confident intention of listening to an introductory video to a guided meditation, however I am on a YouTube worm hole and what started as Coldplay Yellow has Turned to All By Myself. Bridget is a heroine and voice for gen x and so I sit here and ask myself, what would gen z Bridget do in a pandemic?

Step One – go through wardrobe and remove any restrictive, tight or pre-lock down splendour and replace with a capsule collection of loungewear and comfy pants. Lockdown is a time where our freedoms are restricted, and it is not when our clothing to do the same.

Step Two – unfollow all fad fitness and #NewYearNewMe related content and rather make a considered long term lifestyle enhancement. I am a confident independent thinker and I do not need to be taken in by consumer culture of instant gratification and the need to buy something to solve an internal problem. Instead, I will embrace my inner goddess, warrior women and practice self-love daily.

Step Three – Recognise that the current status of my life is temporary and I am a phoenix rising from the corona ashes and I will sashay my way from lockdown 3.0 ready to seize the moment. I will take this time in isolation to prepare my digital footprint and re-define myself as a successful, optimistic and promising young creative ready to take industry by storm.

Step Four – Avoid the question which all young Gen Z-ers dread to hear, so how is the love life going? This question is one which I need not apply my focus to. Clearly people are unaware of the challenges of non-platonic relationships amidst a pandemic and quite frankly the once convenient and fail proof system of swiping left and right for a person with a similar mindset, looking for something casual and a perfect stranger to ask the all-important question, if you were a vegetable which one would you be? (For reference here I would be a Potato, versatility is key, works well by itself but also has the ability to adapt to situations around them and very complimentary with others). Seems to no longer work when the only people within my five mile radius is Pete down the road, a variety of different aged kids trying to evade the most modern of childhood tortures, school on Zoom, and a collection of the local wildlife.

Step Five – New Year’s Resolution, drink less and move more. Unless something changes, the major relationship in my life, like Bridget would be with a bottle of wine. I would die alone with my hand fused to my phone scrolling through an endless stream of Tik Toks and Bernie Sanders memes. At this point it is inevitable to assume that I have sampled the entire uber eats menu along with the (add a promotion here) and I am left, but with two options one to commit to afore mentioned death or not and this time I choose not and to proceed to the next step.

Step Six – I will start a diary. Here I will fill the clean recycled pages of my wiro planner with my carefully plotted journey of letting go and instead focusing on my mantras and manifesting my future and thriving within the age of Aquarius.

Step Seven – Surround yourself with close friends, who equally make you feel supported and not alone in the relentless stream of unexpected events to happen to us since the entering of 2020. Hold an emergency weekly Zoom summit to discuss how everything and nothing changes in a week. Discuss the holidays we will go on, the dance floors we are going to shred and the food we will eat together.

Step Seven – Channel my inner Amanda Gorman who personifies eloquence, dignity and wisdom, with a touch of the magnificent Michelle Obama aura, a smidgen of Billie Eilish cool and embracing all the wonderous, empowering, lady loving essence of Glennon Doyle.

By why might you ask is it necessary to adopt a ‘be more Bridget attitude’, I hear you say? Earlier this week the Telegraph reported that 1 in 4 18 to 25 year olds are feeling unable to cope, according to a recent Prince’s Trust survey, as a direct result of the pressures associated with a third lockdown. The article goes further to explain that those who are currently unemployed are more likely to feel depressed and the ‘devastating’ effect this can have on individuals. The main implication is a reduced sense of hope and optimism for the future as a direct correlation to the disruption of structured education, a decimated and ever decreasing job market and the necessary, but damaging isolation from friends and family. This survey emerges with an even more serious undertone with findings stating this is the most anxious 18-25-year olds have been in the last 12 years. When examining this piece, I questioned how could this be? What specific factor makes the navigation of this time increasingly challenging? I came to the conclusion that it is the lack of control and an unknown end point. Ordinarily we do go through experiences of extreme stress for example the completion of a degree, however the key difference here is the inclusion of an end point. It may be awful for a week, but once the deadline is in you are able to release the stress and have a breather. What makes this situation unusual is there is no end point. As humans we naturally set ourselves goals and can withstand extraordinary stress, but in the knowledge that there is an end. Although we know there will be an end to pandemic, it is the timescale to which this will happen. This monotonous feeling of relentless uncertainty can exacerbate feelings of uncertainty.

By channelling our inner Bridget, we focus on ourselves and what we truly want to accomplish and embrace all the awkward parts. A friend sent me a quote the other day that resonated with my new and improved ‘be more Bridget’ attitude and summarises a thought for this week … have the courage to stand in your brilliance, beauty and power … unapologetically. Synopsis of this, be more Bridget!

One of my great passions is reading and I have created my Morey's Must Reads IGTV series. Here is the latest recommendation for your reading pleasure.

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